Feather Sound

Course Overview

The Course at Feather Sound

The 1st hole at Feather Sound is a straightaway par 5. Avoid the bunkers on the left-hand side off the tee. If you choose to lay up for your second shot, there are some bunkers about 80 to 90 yards out from the green on the right that come into play which you absolutely must avoid. For those that go for it, you have a very small elevated green with a tier in the middle of it. It’s no bargain, no guaranteed up-and-down from anywhere around the green. So if you do go for it, you want to make sure you’re on the putting surface or at least find a way to get it real close to the green or you’re almost short-sided from all directions.

The 518 yard par 5 6th hole is one you will hear talked about quite often. The back tee is tucked away in a corner with a forced carry over water. The water that you carry over from that tee box extends down the left side of the hole. There’s water to the right of the hole also. Like many of the holes at Feather Sound, it’s a risk-reward that offers prime challenge to the experienced golfer and plenty of options for the novice. The average golfer can hit it out into the fairway and progress it up the fairway and try to hit their 3rd shot, which, depending on the location of the pin, is another carry over water. Or your better golfer can consider going for it in 2, with 2 forced carries, first with a driver and your second with anything from a 3 iron to a 3 wood.

The par 3 8th hole plays 175 yards from the back, elevated tees, with the green surrounded by the water on the left-hand side and a large slope down from the right towards the water.

The 17th hole is an excellent short par 4. You can hit anything from driver to 5 wood off the tee and then you have a forced carry to a green that is protected by a bulkhead and water on the left-hand side.

The 18th hole is recognized as one of the best finishing holes in the state. It’s a dogleg right with water down the right-hand side. The challenge off the tee is to choose how much of the water you want to bite off with your tee shot – if any. This will shorten the hole, but of course brings the water more into play down the right-hand side. Depending on your decision and your success, you will be hitting anywhere from a 3 wood into the green all the way up to a 7 or maybe even an 8 iron, depending on how aggressive a line you take off the tee. A bunker protects the left-hand side of the green and there’s a catch-all swale to the left of the green. If the approach shot is not struck just right it can gather and collect off to the left.

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