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Junior Tennis Programming

Feather Sound Country Club Junior Tennis Programs

FSCC offers Junior Tennis Programming ("JDP") for every level of player.  Our core JDP includes: Quickstart, Future Stars, All Stars, Junior Varsity and Varsity level training classes.  All JDP classes are available in session form.  All sessions are 5 weeks' duration, with an additional 6th week to be used as a make up for a missed class.  Classes meet once/week for 5 weeks.  You may enroll in multiple classes.  The FSCC JDP philosophy is "Practice & Play."  We want to encourage our children to take a lesson (or two) and then have practice time during the week to work on their individual skills.  Tennis has been a lesson sport where children continually take lessons but don't play the game enough; our goal is to change that.


This is a great introduction to the game of tennis.  It is specifically designed for younger tennis players that are just starting out and are able to use smaller and lighter rackets, as well as smaller adjusted courts.  This program is for kids ages 5 through 8; with class times ranging between 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the ages of the students.


Future Stars is our core Junior Program class: it offers a solid fundamental approach to learning grips, stance, footwork, and mechanics regarding forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads, serves, and match play.  These classes are 1.0 hour in length and geared for kids 6 to 10 years of age.


All Stars is our intermediate Junior Program class designed to further develop each individual's fundamental skills and build in a more intensive match play component to prepare this student for high school or USTA.    A little more intensive training with an added focus on player movement and agility, this program runs 90 minutes and is geared toward students 9-13 years of age.


This Program is ideal for those students looking to play on a high school team or if they're already playing on a high school team with strong fundamental, agility, quickness, and speed as well focus on how to build points in both singles and doubles.  A significant portion of this Program deals in match play and match strategy to prepare each student for the tennis season at school.


It is required that you are already on a high school tennis team, to qualify for this level.  The Program is completely built around mechanics, point development, fitness & agility, and match play.  The focus is around point development: how to build a successful point during match play.  This program runs 90 minutes per week.  Tryouts are required for certain sections.  


The FSCC JDP philosophy is both "Practice & Play"; the concept that children should play two times per week, just like many other youth sports today.  Tennis has been a lesson sport where children continually take lessons, but don't play the game enough.  Our goal is to change that!  Our match play component will play on Wednesdays for 90 minutes.

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